Wednesday, 29 April 2009

A trip into town.

This morning, I needed to pop into town, I decided to take the cliff path, but before I did I stood on top of the hill to look at the bay, which looked very nice and calm this morning, and the weather bright, but cool.
I noticed the may is breaking out on the Hawthorn..

The cliff path was bathed in sunshine, in the hedgerow there was more May

I love its pretty flower, and the heavy scent it has, there was Apple blossom too..

with lovely pink tinged flowers..

The Ash was beginning to look `knotty` with buds...

I didnt spend long in town, just a little shopping, and take some library books back. I wanted to get back and do some hobbies, when you work you never seem to have much `spare` time.. I came back up the dreaded steps, through the little wood, the bluebells edged the path..

I noticed the cherry still has some blossom left after all the wind we`ve had.

I`ve been keeping an eye on the sky...for the first swifts, they should be here soon, Pete and I always have a competition every year to see who spots the first one. Well its got to be me, as he saw the first Swallow!!

The ash that set itself in the garden, has just started to shake out its leaves, I`m glad it picked my garden, as I love watching it in the summer dancing in the breeze, and casting its shadow on my lounge wall.

The gulls are just beginning to nest in the bay, you can see them flying around with beaks full of nesting material, making their nests on the roof tops. I know lots of people hate them, and are always moaning about them, but I love them, as I do all birds and wildlife. We`re lucky enough to have a pair nesting on one of the roofs further down the street, as you can see she`s made a nice tidy little nest. Pete was watching them yesterday, and he said the male flew in with a beakful of nesting material, which it dumped on the nest, but the female was obviously not impressed with the standard of it, and chucked it over the side! ah well we girls can be very

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Piecefulafternoon said...

What a lovely walk - even if there was no dallying today. I love the seagulls nesting on the houses - I've not seen that happen here.