Monday, 27 April 2009

A new Moon.

It was my first day off today, and we woke to lashing rain, so no interesting walks, instead we went out and did the weekly shopping, then I caught up on all the chores, that have to be left when you`re working a long ten hour day, like cleaning the house, washing, ironing and I filled the tins with some baking. My mixer gave up the ghost on my last baking day, so I decided against baking a sponge, but made the old favourite fruit cake.

I put the lovely cloth my Mother gave me, when we visited her, on the table, she`d embroidered it herself some years ago. It has all my favourite things, a crinoline lady, hollyhocks and lots of pretty flowers, its also has a pretty border..

After a very unsettled day, with constant showers, and I could have sworn the odd hail stone, it cleared after tea, so I looked for the new moon..

and was thrilled to see it, a tiny silver sliver riding high...

so beautiful...

and the clouds were a lovely pearly grey..
and over the town, a pretty navy against the lighter blue sky, an nice end to the day.


Anonymous said...

Hello :)

What a lovely tablecloth and a beautiful moon. :)

Piecefulafternoon said...

Sounds like a good day even without the walk.

I adore that tablecloth - it also has all my favorites. Do you know the name of the pattern? I would love to make one.

Moon Daisies said...

Sorry I dont know the name of the pattern, it was made a several years ago. I`ve recently been trying to find embroidery patterns with those kind of elements, but have been told that `they dont make them anymore` supposedly because no one wants them, which I think is highly inaccurate!

Joyce said...

Sweets and a sweet tablecloth that was all made with love is a sweet post. I loved the photos and find it so much fun to take a peak at the all the wonderful places bloggers live. Thanks for sharing your little corner of the big world with me.