Thursday, 23 April 2009

A walk at lunch time.

I was back to work today, the weather was decidedly cool after the last lovely warm few days. I went for a walk in my lunch break, the mist was beginning to roll in from the sea. On the beach the tractor was out, clearing the seaweed, and raking the sand.

The flower beds in the park were beautiful..

Such lovely colours..

and flower strewn shrubs..

lovely hot colours in the main gardens

In the rock garden, the pink daises were tumbling over the grey stones

and there were forget me nots, and Solomon`s seal...

I took a walk down to Torre Abbey, where this lovely Pines new growth looked like candles.
The bluebells softened the railings..

and the Ramsons grew like a white carpet under the trees, the air full of their `onioney` smell

I walked down to the little brook, which gurgled merrily under the road, and the Horse Chestnut was in new leaf, but no candles yet..

the Poplars had lovely bronzey leaves..

and there was a nice clump of Green Alkanet..

I loved the acid green of this beautiful flower..

I walked back to work along the beach, the tide was out, and the rocks exposed,

the gulls were paddling about, enjoying themselves, but the wind was very cool, so I headed back for a nice mug of tea.


Piecefulafternoon said...

What a lovely walk - I really enjoyed the flowers, and the beach. I'd never heard of a tractor clearing the beach. Is it a public beach for swimming?

Pussycats and Angels said...

What a lovely walk you had and what great photo's. The flowers look beautiful. I just love the West Country and we will be staying there next weekend (Looe in Cornwall), celebrating my daughters 18th and my 45th birthday (yes we both born on the same day) I cannot wait.....
Look forward to your next post.
Have a Happy weekend
Warm Wishes