Wednesday, 22 April 2009

A lazy day.

I decided to have a lazy day today, after all the rushing around I did yesterday, it wasnt just that I painted the wall, but done all the housework, washing ironing and shopping too, so thought I deserved a stress free day, and also I`m back to work tomorrow...I needed to buy some more milk, and I had no intention of dragging into town, so decided to pop down the shop, but go the pretty way.....its certainly grown since I was last there, with leaves coming out on the trees, and flowers along the path

Its been a lovely spring day, but there was a bit of cloud cover first thing.

I spotted this lovely patch of Yellow Archangel, the silvery leaves gave it away as a garden escapee, christened `Aluminium Archangel`

Also these beautiful silvery leaves, I think it might be a scotch thistle, but I`m not sure about that.

This dear little cat was sitting minding its own business amongst the plants and posed rather nicely for me.

The woodland path finishes on a residential estate, where the blossom on the trees was very pretty

And the whitebeam was dressed in the prettiest of silvery leaves.
It was a nice gentle walk, and when I got home, I was pleased to see that at last the bulbs I`d set all those months ago, had finally flowered. I thought they were `blind` and I`d set them too deep or too shallow, as the leaves kept getting longer and longer, but no flowers...

but they are the sweetest and smallest daffs I`ve ever seen, and certainly worth waiting for

My lungwort has also been very pretty this year, it seemed to take a while to get established, but has certainly come on nicely, such a pretty pink and purply flower.

I finally sewed a ribbon on my heart and found a corner to hang it...

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