Monday, 23 February 2009

Enchanted wood

I wanted to do something magical today, so we decided to visit this wood on the edge of Dartmoor, I knew it was enchanted when we arrived and were greeted by this lovely tree

covered in huge balls of mistletoe. We followed the winding path where primroses with quilted leaves were stitched to the side of the path
and snowdrops filled the hedge bottoms
Dog`s Mercury broke through the leaf litter
and Hazel catkins danced in a wind that had teeth in it
The path climbed the side of the valley, till at the top we had lovely views of wolf coloured woods
and white painted houses that ran along the spine of the hills
All around were enchanted things, ivy clad trees
Fairy door ways
Logs covered in frilly fungi
The path led us down evenually to the valley bottom, where the River Bovey wound its way through the wood. It gurgled and rushed peat coloured, and filled with melt water from all the snow we`ve had on the moor. On the river bed stones like jewels shone in shades of brown, grey and black
We followed the river, past trees knee deep in ant hills
and trees with rope like roots
till we came to the weir, the water roaring and crashing over the boulders
Beside the water, was this old wooden stump covered in the most vibrant orange fungus
I think nature is truly wonderful