Monday, 16 February 2009

Walked into the lounge this morning, to find my hyacinth was at last in bloom, the room smelt heavenly, and such a lovely shade of blue.

I hand-washed all my vintage cloths, dried and ironed them, I love rootling about in old boxes to see what treasure you can find, some of these were only twenty five pence in the charity shops. I think they would have looked better displayed on a nice vintage wooden horse.

I also got round to hanging my nice poppy shaped plate. When I went into the iron-mongers to get one of those wire clip things you put plates up with, the assistant showed me this tag

which you wet the back of, leave for ten minutes, then stick to the plate and leave over night.
Its supposed to be so strong, you could hang your own weight from, but I didnt really fancy dangling from the wall, so didnt bother!

When I popped into the library this morning, I came across this lovely book by Jane Brocket.

It is full of interesting things, receipes, embroidery, knitting and has some lovely colourful pages

Its certainly worth getting, I really enjoyed reading it. She has her own blog which is
yarnstorm and is full of lovely things too.

We had a lovely sunset tonight, I was in the middle of cooking tea, so couldnt rush up the road to catch it, so I hung out of the bedroom window, and hoped for the best.


Ramblings From Spain said...

I want some of that pineapple upside-down cake in the book! Cook me up some Mum and send it over.. miss you too xx

Deb said...

I love your Daisy blog banner - so pretty! Your hyacinth are beautiful, I can just imagine the aroma from them! Such a pretty post.

Pieceful Afternoon said...

Lovely blog - from start to finish. I like the tea cozy in the book. What a delight - I'll have to look for it in the library.