Friday, 27 February 2009

A lunch time jaunt

I decided to go for a walk again at lunch time, its nice to get away from work, and although the morning had started nice with sunshine and blue sky, by twelve it was distinctly overcast and grey, but undaunted I went! I followed the South West Coast Path which runs behind a hotel, and climbs up the cliff side. This little cove houses an old war time watch tower.
I loved this old Pine, it didnt look as though it could decide which way it wanted it`s branches to grow! I watched a Raven flying round here, being mobbed by a crow, and I could hear its mate cronking from below the cliff.
I had a lovely view across to the harbour, and the hideous balloon looked like a pimple on the sea front....
This is called the `London Bridge` its a natural rock formation, and rather nice.
The path winds up and up with lots of steps to climb, then a level path which was a bit of a relief, this rue like shrub was such a nice bright colour against the grey wall, and smelt lovely
There were also little patches of violets breaking out along the path side to gladden the eye
Rather nice gateways to some very expensive houses hidden behind the wall, loved how the ivy covers it
Berry Head looked lovely across the bay
The path runs through this lovely little tower, part of someones garden, I wish I had one of these, I`d spend all my time whale watching! well Basking shark and dolphins anyway...
You can see how rolling the hills are from up here, Torquay is built on seven hills..
At the very top of the cliff is DaddyHole Plain
Theres a lovely little green, surrounded by houses painted in pastel colours
Theres some stunning views from here..
This is called Lyme bay, and I noticed there were several boats anchored up
Time was getting on, so I just popped into a little wood at the bottom of some steps
Where I discovered this lovely patch of Butterbur, they smelt amazingly sweet...
With a robin and blackbird singing from the trees, and a tiny wren flitting about it seemed far removed from the hustle and bustle of town....but nevertheless it was time to head back
Down down the winding steps, a lot easier than huffing and puffing up them!
Noting how lovely and blue the sea looked..
and how the Navelwort were doing a crowd scene on a rock...
how the shrubs were hazy with new buds...
and the Blackthorn is breaking into flower.....such a nice walk.

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Pieceful Afternoon said...

Excellent walk - I enjoyed every step of it.