Thursday, 19 February 2009

A nice suprise

When I was reading the Jane Brocket book I got out of the library the other day, she mentioned several well written novels that dealt with domestic things, one of which was `The Diary of a Provincial Lady` by E M Delafield, I had heard of it, but had never read it, so I googled it and looked on Amazon, where you can read the first few pages, and it looked lovely, homely and comfy writings based in Devon between the wars, so I decided I MUST have it.

I trotted into town to look in Ottakers, and they had this copy covered in scrumptious Cath Kidson fabric..Hooray..but it was ten cant really justify spending that much, when we`re trying to save to visit my daughter in Spain in September, so I walked home with much scuffing of feet and pouting of mouth....then today, on my lunch break I went into town for shopping, and popped into a charity shop and ta dah...

there was the very fellow, yes I know its not covered in Cath Kidson, but the picture is very nice and vintage, so thats okay, and it was the princely sum of one pound! I was made up, and when I looked at the index, I realised there were three other provincial lady stories included, so a real you know what I`ll be doing in my spare moments..

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