Tuesday, 17 February 2009

I find one of the things I most appreciate on my days off, is the fact that I dont have to rush about, especially when it comes to first thing in the morning, I can sit beside the fire and have a lazy breakfast of toast and marmalade and mugs of tea, and read the current library book without a care in the world, it seems such a luxury!
I decided to walk to Wellswood this morning, its a little village about a mile from my house. To reach it you have to walk along the Warberries, which is the name of the roads. They are set on a hill, and are Higher, Middle and lower Warberries. All along these roads are beautiful Victorian villas, peeping seductively from behind lush mature gardens, heavily walled and gated...

The Sea Captains in Victorian times owned these beautiful houses, and Lily Langtry lived here

Dunstone Hall it was said was the summer residence of Lily Langtry, purchased by King Edward VII, who used to visit her there.
I saw some lovely old gateways, and this amazing tree which had grown into the wall
Wellswood has a nice little green edged by lovely trees, and a ornamental horse trough
Theres also a lovely church St Matthias which I thought I`d have a look inside
I gazed up at the soaring roof, and the lovely stained glass windows, then I turned to look at the alter, and noticed with horror there was a coffin draped with cream flowers sitting there! I was mortified and left a lot quicker than I arrived......
After doing a little shopping, I walked home noting the lovely views out across the bay
I bought a nice bunch of cornish daffodils from the greengrocers, which I put in the jug with the hazel catkins and twigs I`d picked when we walked beside the river, I`ve watched them slowly beginning to open during the day
I also bought two pretty pink polyanthas, which I put in the pots each side of my front door
I done alittle sewing this afternoon, I`d sewn buttons on this twiggy wreath a while ago, and added pink gingham hearts and ribbons, but since changing the soft furnishings in the bathroom, decided to make some blue gingham ones instead, I was pleased with the result.


Karen said...

Thanks for sharing your walk, I really enjoyed it :)
I love catkins! You have reminded me that I must remember to pick some.
Your button heart is so pretty.

Pieceful Afternoon said...

A darling wreath - and I loved the ramble - so many wonderful places to see. Thanks