Monday, 9 February 2009

Well it did rain all day, the sky has been grey and leaden, and the front window beaded with raindrops. This afternoon my golden holly has been rocking and tapping at the window, by the front door, as the wind blows down the street, I like to hear it, especially at night when the curtains are drawn, and we`re all cosy inside. It was a free gift from Country Living, when I subscribed many moons ago, it arrived as a twelve inch cutting, and as you can see, has done extremely well since, even though it`s been in a pot ever since. Every winter it faithfully produces a lovely show of bright red berries, which the Blackbirds eye up with relish.

As it was my last day off, I had intended to do lots of interesting things outdoors, but the weather put a stop to that, so instead I decided to repaint this little shelf, which I bought from a charity shop a long while ago, and never got round to doing. I bought a couple of emulsion tester pots, with the rather pretty names of `Forest Green` and `Moonlight White` and gave it a couple of coats, and I`m rather pleased with the result..

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