Friday, 20 February 2009

When I walked to work this morning, there were lovely fingers of pink across the sky, and a tiny sliver of moon slotted into the blue..

The mist spread itself across the shoreline.

But when the sun broke through, it highlighted the houses

It was very quiet, with hardly anyone about, and I walked down to Beacon Quay

Beacon Quay has two D Day slipways, which were built in May 1943, this is where thousands of American troops embarked on a fleet of ships en route to Normandy and the D Day landings.

There is this memorial to that day, and a ceremony is held every year in memory of that poignant day. A couple of years ago they renovated Beacon Quay, and installed a huge white scuplture called the Quay Ring, in the decking they put morse code lights, which spell out Vanishing Point, which refers to the boats disappearing for Normandy

Its been a busy day, and I was glad to come home, and when I did I got a lovely suprise

This gorgeous bunch of roses which Pete had bought sweet is that...

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