Wednesday, 25 February 2009

A lazy day

It was my last day off today, so I decided to stay in and do some hobbies. I`d got a large pile of magazines that I`d bought from the charity shops, which I was going to use for scrapbooking.

Over the years I`ve filled lots of files with lovely pictures from Country Living etc.

Not only is it relaxing to do, they`re lovely to look back on, and get some ideas from...

I spent a happy morning doing that, then had a go at making a `button ring` I`d seen one when I was surfing the other day, and thought how pretty it was, I was quite pleased with the result

My bedroom is purple, so I shall hang it in there, I`m not quite sure where.... anyway, I did do a bit of knitting, but we`ll draw a veil over that, it didnt quite turn out as I would have moving on, isnt it amazing how quickly the time goes, when you`re at home pottering, but as soon as you`re back at work, the day seems to go for ever... hm..anyway I did do some house-wifely things, I made an apple pie for tea, so I didnt have a guilty conscience!

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