Wednesday, 11 February 2009

A walk in the park

Went for a walk at lunch time, it was lovely and warm in the sunshine, and there was a nice salty tang from the seaweed on the rocks.
Crossed the road to the park, these `Pagodas` stand guard to the gate to the bowling green
It was nice and peaceful in the park, with the splashing of the fountain, and the ducks quacking noisely
It was lovely to see signs of Spring, with this carpet of yellow crocus
Behind the park is Torre Abbey, this is the medieval barn which in 1588 was used to house four hundred Spanish prisoners from the Spanish Armada hence its name Spanish Barn.

In the rock gardens, I spotted this Helleborus, I love the pretty pink flowers
At the other end of the park is another lake, its surrounded by lovely plants
A small twisted willow with lovely orange branches
A flouncy fatsia japonica
This rather vicious looking shrub
And this lovely vibrant red dogwood...all in all it was a rather nice lunch break.

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